• Friday, February 20 2015

    Time: 6pm

    Location: 3335 Niblick Drive, Park City, Utah 84098


    MasterPrepClassI’m teaming up with Jody Clegg to bring you the most comprehensive cooking workshop for bodybuilders, fitness instructors and trainers, and anyone with a dedication to fitness and health.
    You DO NOT have to trade good food for bland, boring, nutritionally-sound meals.
    Learn how to make savory, mouth-watering meals by using a few simple techniques that don’t involve adding a ton of salt or fat!
    Chefs know how to squeeze every last ounce of flavor from an ingredient, making the meals they serve absolutely masterful flavor creations that delight the palate. Come learn some of the tricks of the trade, and start eating GOOD food that supports your body and fitness goals!

    Artisan green salad with simple vinaigrette
    Spicy chili chicken breast with black beans
    Mexican dark chocolate mousse

    Vinaigrettes and emulsions
    Caramelization and the Maillard Reaction
    Spices as flavor and medicine

    Basic Vinaigrette
    Spicy chili chicken
    Cuban black beans
    No-Fail chocolate mousse

    $85 per person
    Payment MUST be made in advance.

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