• In this first-of-it’s-kind event, Artist and Muralist Geri Cordova and Chef J. Looney work together to blur the lines between food and art, creating an evening that will delight the palate and be visually explosive!

    ArtFoodWatch as Geri creates five original pieces throughout the evening, paired with each course of the menu that Chef J. will prepare and execute before your eyes in a beautiful open kitchen atmosphere.

    Fast-paced, captivating, and like nothing you’ve ever been a part of, this will be like a front-row seat on the Food Network and a behind-the-scenes pass to the creation of a masterpiece!

    With no separation of the kitchen and the art space, YOU are a part of everything that’s happening, interacting with Chef J. as he cooks and plates each amazing dish, and watching as Geri sketches, draws, and paints right next to you.

    Space is limited, so reserve your seats NOW!

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