• March 14, 2014
    Time: 6pm

    Location: 3335 Niblick Drive, Park City, Utah 84098


    Bring your beverage of choice, no children please!

    SushiThere’s a certain mystery and reverence afforded to the sushi chef – the perfection of ingredients, the unwavering dedication to technique and precision – sushi is more an art form than a kitchen skill.

    And yet, it’s something that can be made at home, in your own kitchen, without decades of experience and personal relationships with fish mongers. Along with Chef April Shaw (who is a fantastic sushi chef that has worked in some of the top restaurants here in SLC), I’ll teach you where to get the best ingredients, and how to prepare them, while Chef April teaches basic techniques for preparing the rice (a critical skill in preparing any decent kind of sushi) and methods for preparing each of five different types of roll.

    This will be an enjoyable, very hands-on, and delicious evening! You bring the sake, we’ll handle the rest.


    Hosomaki – skinny and long with the seaweed on the outside (spicy tuna)
    Futomaki – fat and short with the seaweed on the outside (avocado, asparagus, cucumber, shrimp tempura and spicy mayo with eel sauce)
    Uramaki – long mid size with rice on the outside (crab, avocado topped with salmon, lemon and scallions with a side of ponzu and sriracha)
    Tekimaki – hand roll (sprouts, avocado, cucumber, hamachi and spicy mayo)
    Nigiri – rice with fish on top of a formed ball of rice (Fish TBD)

    How to make perfect sushi rice
    Basic ingredients for great sushi

    Sweet soy
    Spicy mayo
    Recipes for all five rolls

    $45 per person
    Payment MUST be made in advance.

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