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What’s for dinner?

Just the thought of having to go home and make dinner after a busy day can be so overwhelming and the thought of “picking up” one more meal to go just doesn’t sound appealing anymore. How many times do you grab fast food or even skip lunch because there simply isn’t enough time?

What if you could come home to a delicious, healthy, gourmet dinner? A meal created just for you by your own personal chef with local produce and proteins. Chef J. takes the stress of meal time away and gives you your own culinary experience. We work closely with you to learn all of your nutritional needs. We create lunches and dinners that are balanced, healthy and very delicious. The meals are then delivered to your front door once a week.

Fresh. Delicious. Convenient.

Give Chef J. a call today 801-243-2350
to learn how our weekly delivery service is perfect for you and your family!



“Tuesday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. I get to come home to delicious, healthy and prepared meals to fill my fridge! Thank you Chef J. for cooking for me!”
-Carly R.

“I’m down 60lbs! Thanks Chef J.”
-Richard P.

“If I had known it was this easy to eat this healthy I would have done this years ago.”
-Patty M.

“Shout out to Chef J.!!! It has been said that the optimum bodybuilder’s diet is dry flavorless and boring. We are out to challenge that notion. My yummy meals for the week have all been planned and prepared by Chef J. and checked out by his sports nutritionist at UCLA. He even delivered them! Hit him up for info in his personal chef programs for any lifestyle and budget”
-Nick C.