Upcoming Class

  • In this first-of-it’s-kind event, Artist and Muralist Geri Cordova and Chef J. Looney work together to blur the lines between food and art, creating an evening that will delight the palate and be visually explosive! Watch as Geri creates five original pieces throughout the evening, paired with each course of the menu that Chef J. […]

  • Friday February 20, 2015

    I’m teaming up with Jody Clegg to bring you the most comprehensive cooking workshop for bodybuilders, fitness instructors and trainers, and anyone with a dedication to fitness and health. You DO NOT have to trade good food for bland, boring, nutritionally-sound meals. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH! Learn how to make savory, mouth-watering meals by using […]

  • August 22, 2014

    ¬†There’s something about a grill that just screams “SUMMER TIME!” And yet, there’s a lot of wasted potential on the grill. Most people see it as a place to cook burgers and hot dogs. They’re not wrong, they’re just missing the epic opportunity in front of them! This class will cover the basics of grilling, […]

  • 03/14/2014

    There’s a certain mystery and reverence afforded to the sushi chef – the perfection of ingredients, the unwavering dedication to technique and precision – sushi is more an art form than a kitchen skill. And yet, it’s something that can be made at home, in your own kitchen, without decades of experience and personal relationships […]

  • Valentine’s Day – it’s a holiday that’s feared and revered. Get it right, and you have nurtured the relationship and started the year off right. Screw it up, and, well… This evening will give you everything you need to prepare a truly phenomenal meal for your special someone. From a flavorful salad, to the sensual […]

  • I’m teaming up with Trent Fargher of Shades of Pale Brewing Co. to bring you an evening full of flavor and enjoyment! If you like beer, this event is for you You’ll get to experience all three Shades of Pale beers (and maybe a little something special – I’ve got a surprise planned!) tour the […]